Mmm….gotta love those days where you can actually sleep in without any guilt  nor bolting upright in panic as to why the house is eerily quiet. (I’ll admit it, its actually kind of awesome!)   I give many thanks to my darling husband since he let me sleep in while he was on ‘first watch’.

Usually I’m up as soon as I hear dad get up. Its almost like a natural instinct. A motherly instinct.  You see, I have this mindset of as long as I’m up while he’s up – should something go awry – I’ll be around to ‘be there’ for it.   Odd you think? I guess but ever since dad had his TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack OR aka mini stroke) two years back, I’ve become his unofficial ‘keeper’.  He’s basically recovered back to his usual self though its taken just over the better part of 2 years. He’s pretty much independent once again but this time around in life, he seems to need someone watching over him in the background ‘just in case’ something goes awry, though he’ll stubbornly tell you that he ‘doesn’t need anyone to watch him!’.  However, I do take a lil comfort in knowing that he knows that there is always someone is there for him.

So, this lovely gal not only got to stay up very, very, VERY late watching TV but also got to sleep in BIG TIME on this lovely overcast day. I think she’s going to enjoy the rest of her day puttering about the house, watching TV with her darling husband and sipping coffee.  Totally a lazy & relaxing day.

Don’t you just love lazy Sundays?