I got bit by the baking bug the other day and have been jonesin’ yet upon a brief web search…I couldn’t find anything that tickled my fancy.   Disappointed, I decided to focus on making a grocery list and started to take inventory of what was needed from the fridge.   As I opened the fruit drawer, it hit me….I needed to buy more apples as the ones I found in there were starting to go past their prime.    After a quick web search, I found a recipe for a fresh apple bundt cake.  Excited that I had everything listed, I quickly got to baking.

As I started following the recipe, I found myself getting more and more excited to see the end result.  After all, this was my very first bundt cake – ever!

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It was baked, cooled & taste tested.  I gave a good sized portion to friends to try and review as well – they really liked it.  Both dad & hubby said it was pretty good too.  I figured I’d give it a second go later on down the road with my own modifications & started to play around with the ingredients in my mind.  I went to go grab a slice to go with my coffee and WHAM! There’s barely a sliver left. Um…its only been 2 days since I baked it. I guess dad thinks its much more then just ‘pretty good’ LOL