Do we even realize how much we take ourselves for granted? Especially those that are thrust into the role of caring for others be it their spouses, parents, siblings, children and pets etc?  We’re so on the go that we don’t realize it. It consumes us. We become it.   So when we do get a helping hand or a few minutes for ourselves, we go completely bonkers. (OK, well maybe its just me?)  I panic. I feel like I’m missing or forgetting something.  I feel like something’s wrong. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!   I’m the type of person that is so used to trying to care for so many others that I put myself last on the list. If I’m not doing something, helping someone or going somewhere – I feel useless. Broken.

Normally on weekends, we have our daily chores & routines – again – maybe its just me?  Usually we work on the home improvement projects even if its just for a lil while. I’m a believer in a few teeny tiny baby steps forward on a project is still improvement & progress. 

This weekend was an undeclared ‘rest’ weekend. Hubby decided to hang out and play on his computer.  I watched movies and whimsically surfed the web. Got caught up on my blog reading – thank you Google Reader! (finally figured that thing out LOL) AND best of all – both hubby & I got to sleep in. I more so then my husband AND it was wonderful.

You see, on Friday night I was dying to go to bed at 7pm. I forced myself  to stay awake until at least 10pm (aka kept nodding off on the couch while in denial that I was even snoozing).  By 9pm, hubby declared that we were going to the bedroom to watch TV so I could go to sleep. Such a sweetheart I tell yas!  I didn’t wake until 10am the following morning. How’s that for a good night’s sleep?

Same thing happened on both Saturday & Sunday night. I haven’t a clue why I needed to sleep so much but my body really wanted it. I gave into it. My family can’t afford me to be sick and out of commission.  I was very glad that I had already done the laundry & grocery shopping on Friday! Even dad was cooperating…he was just puttering about the house and having a lazy weekend himself.

Talk about taking time to re-charge. 

How was your weekend? How and when do you take the time to re-charge yourself?