A close girlfriend and I subscribe to those deal sites and yes, our in-boxes get flooded junk basically. But every so often a pretty good deal pops up.   The one that caught our eye was a ‘Spend $10 for $20 worth of food”.  The bonus of us buying/using this deal are that we get to spend QT together w/o life getting in the way (*knock on wood*),  we actually get to go out into the city and explore the neighbourhood where the restaurant is AND we get to try a new restaurant/cuisine.

Would I recommend this place? Definitely b/c its a one off mom & pop type place, its in a hipster type neighbourhood with a simple menu, moderately priced (even w/o a coupon or deal voucher) and a great locale for an afternoon / evening out 🙂

$5 for an afternoon out seems pretty worth it if you ask me!

(Well, OK it cost a bit more b/c of parking & additional impulse shopping along the way – nothing fun, just produce LOL)

And here, the pics of the afternoon are shared – enjoy 🙂





Cheeseburger springrolls – um…we didn’t taste any cheese, nor see any but it was still tasty nonetheless!


This is their ‘Market Burger’  (naturally raised beef blended with chipotle chorizo &toasted rice, topped w/ arugula pesto, chevre and blue cheese) and buttermilk soaked, panko crusted onion rings.


Loved the table settings – newspapers under the place mats.


The decor was kinda kitchy but really worked!



Their actual ‘bar’ – how awesome is that?! I’d love to have a side bar or dining table made out that if I could.



And on our way out, my girlfriend had to make a rest stop.   I was waiting by the bar until I saw her frantically trying to flag me down. She wanted to show me how cool the ladies’ room decor was and ya know, she was right!

(Visit their website: http://theburgerbar.ca/)