Its Saturday night and I just finished sweeping and mopping the floors. I know, I know, you’re totally jealous that I lead such an exciting life! LOL  You see, the boys (aka dad and hubby) both need to have some sort of supportive footwear on to walk properly and protect their feet.  I on the other hand, am a barefoot type gal. I have long since given up on trying to keep the floors super clean since both boys are constantly wearing their outdoor shoes (runners) inside and their inside shoes (slippers) outside. UGH!  Its a battle that will never ever be won. So at best, i spot clean as necessary and give the house a daily sweep.

With that said, hubby noticed my feet as I sat on the couch tonight after cleaning the kitchen from dinner. The bottoms of my feet were pitch black.  😦   I have no idea how that was even possible since I sweep daily but I think it has something to do with the boys being super active on weekends as both have home reno/improvement projects on the go, with this one being no exception.  Both say they’re going to just relax for the weekend and suddenly ‘just want to check something’ which of course happens to be outside. And yes, they’re going outside in their slippers.

So…after an impromptu frantic sweep & mop session, the floors are clean again.  The house smells refreshingly citrusy and calming – at least to me.  And I know it will stay this way at least until tomorrow AM when one of them wakes up.

Does anyone else suffer through this? Surely I cant be the only one.  Tell me, how many people under your roof and how often do you find yourself sweeping & mopping your floors?