So…I’ve been having this pain in my right shoulder for the past 2-1/2 weeks or so and thought nothing of it. Figured I pulled it while gardening or cleaning or grocery shopping or chasing after dad etc – basically pulled it while doing my usual day to day stuff. Since it wasn’t a constant 24 hour sharp nagging pain, I thought if I took it easy that it would heal on its own.

Fast forward to this weekend.  Been waking up with severe, sharp stabbing pains in my shoulder blade and my arm feeling like it was on fire but realistically it was more like a severe case of pins & needles. Regardless of how I moved and stretched, the pain remained as sharp with my arm just as numb. Being a diabetic, I thought it was the start of neuropathy setting in but have been monitoring my blood sugar levels closely and ruled out anything related to diabetes.  If I contorted enough, I could alleviate the numbness.

After a good long freak out session with plenty of pain and tears, I decided it was time to get my butt into the massage therapist to see if they could do anything to alleviate the pain.

Having undergone a 1-1/2 hour assessment and treatment session complete with deep (and very painful!) tissue massage as well as laser treatment and $86 later, I feel great!!  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel the pain in my shoulder blade though very dull, and still have bouts of numbness but nowhere near as bad as before. I am able to ward off bouts of numbness by stretching or positioning my arm differently.  I was advised to continually stretch often as was shown and to take Advil as needed.

My question to you is:   why did I freaking wait so long to seek treatment?! I wonder if this could’ve been prevented by seeking out massage therapy sooner AND why do I always put caring for myself last??