In addition to baking and taking the Gluten Free Pumpkin bundt cake to the Father’s Day BBQ yesterday, I also tried my hand at making a watermelon salad. I had heard about them over the past few summers but had never actually gotten to taste one.

I took the liberties of making it “my own” after seeing several similar recipes in magazines and on the internet. I took what I thought were the base ingredients and winged it from there.

I will admit to being thoroughly grossed out at the thought of the ingredients together even though I’m a fan of mixing sweet and savory (hello, kettle corn anyone?). Honestly, I just think it was the whole idea of mixing them with watermelon.

Having tried my own version of it, I must say that I was flabbergasted at what I had put in my mouth.  I really did enjoy it and would definitely make it again. The fresh mint really kicks up the refreshment factor with the cold watermelon.

Hubby had proclaimed that he wasn’t even going to taste it. After I put a bit on his plate to try, he actually scooped himself a portion when he thought I wasn’t looking. Sshhhh! 😉

Yes, it was that good!!

Ingredients: cubed watermelon, diced bell pepper (your choice of red/orange/yellow), slivered red onion (or any sweet onion), handful of julienned mint, olive oil, lime juice and salt & pepper to taste.

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and let sit for approx 15 mins and toss again before serving.

FYI There will be a lil bit of juice at the bottom of the bowl.