After yesterday’s “Basket Case?” post, I thought I would share my unconventional ‘fruit bowl’.  What we were using before was a glass/crystal type bowl.  I thought it would’ve worked out great because it was clear so we could see if there was anything inside.  Oh, it was free too.  Its similar to the one in the picture. Not quite as cute but similar.


Seashell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As time went on,  we slowly learned that the smaller fruits were falling below and getting trapped.  Hidden.  Squished. Rotting.  Most of the time they were beyond salvaging which in turn equals waste.  Something we don’t like to do in this house.

Waste = money lost.  Waste = totally unfrugal.  Waste = unwanted.

While I was out browsing HOMESENSE (seems that I really like this store or something huh?) THIS lil beauty jumped out at me.


What it is, is a tiered cake stand.

What I saw was a way to beautifully display our fruit.  Each tier allowed air to circulate equally, freely so nothing would start to spoil.  We’d be able to see what was ripe and ready to be eaten (also a great reminder to eat fruit!) AND it guaranteed that nothing would ever get squished.  No squish also equals no gross, slimy mess to clean up.

Since buying this – yes I admit that I paid full retail price of $13.99 plus taxes – we have not wasted any fruit.

Nothing rotting = nothing needing to be thrown out = no loss.

Think of the cost of the fruit I’ve had to throw out.  This puppy has paid for itself numerous times already.  Its a win-win situation if you ask me and I’m danged proud of that!!

Plus it really *is* pretty to look at on our counter each time we’re in the kitchen.