I’m not sure I understand the beauty of planting wild vines and clematis except for the fact that its ‘pretty’ to look at – so long as its not growing out of control on your side of the fence, right?

The previous neighbours planted a few years back and it barely climbed the fence, so yes…it was pretty. Who doesn’t enjoy admiring beautiful flowers and greenery?

The following year, it climbed up our fence. And then over it.  It totally ate our fence.  I mean, there was no evidence of a fence being there.   After that summer, they sold their house and moved leaving behind their beautiful vines and clematis to grow freely.

Last year it had eaten the fence, the pathway and was trying to take over our garage.  This summer…the vines are growing out of control as scheduled, eaten our fence and is attempting to eat the pathway.   Have I mentioned that these vines and clematis  are home to the Japanese Beetles/Asian Longhorn Beetles?  Good luck walking through to the backyard without getting a good buzz by or bite!

Enough was enough…we don’t want these beetles eating our garden bounty either so the hubster and I decided to wage a war and take the vines down! Muhahahaha!! *insert evil laughter here*

The hubster whipped out the electric hedge trimmer and within a matter of 10 good minutes, success….the vines were down!!    I corralled the clippings into garden waste bags then went back and finely hand trimmed the rest, taking back our pathway AND fence.  Take that wild vines and clematis! *shakes fist*  Oh and buh-bye beetles too!!

BTW:  I think the new (current) neighbours were sad that we trimmed the vines down. They had a week’s notice AND there was no way they didn’t hear us when we started the trimming. Electric hedge trimmers aren’t exactly quiet.

Take a look and tell me what you think.