I first saw the idea of posting what food we (as a household) wasted on a weekly basis posted by The Frugal Girl and liked the idea of actually documenting it.  I mean, we all do the big fridge clean up the night before garbage day or as part of prep for grocery shopping. Or in some cases, after we’ve returned from grocery shopping to make room for the new groceries – you know who y’all are 😉  But to actually document and post it for the world to see, kinda makes me feel more guilty and urges me to be more accountable.  (Another example of necessary guilt was back when I discovered pantry bugs in my kitchen. *shudders* You can read more about that incident here.)

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot lately especially since our garbage days are Wednesday’s…so I’d be cleaning out on Tuesday nights but ‘Food Waste Tuesday’ doesn’t seem to have as nice of a ring to it.  Hopefully I’ll remember to post on Friday’s what I’ve thrown out throughout the week with the bulk of it going out Tuesday night.


Who wants to join me in shamefully sharing their wasted money and food? Sounds pretty sad right? But I’m sure with enough practice and this weekly reminder…we’ll all get MUCH better at not wasting.  This can be done via list for and/or with pics.

I really do hate wasting food and money.

What I ended up wasting this week:

* 4 pints of blueberries

* 1lb of strawberries

* 1 pint of blackberries

* 1 pint grape tomatoes

And I know the reason why. Dad has pushed everything to the back that isn’t important to him.  Not trying to justify my waste but I know when I organize the fridge, I push the berries to the side so they’re still visible. He pushes everything to the back of the fridge to make room for his groceries & leftovers etc.

Note to self…be more diligent on keeping fridge organized.

What have you wasted recently?