This week, I decided to really take a good look at everything in the fridge paying close attention to the expiry dates.   Boy did I find a lot!


Tossed: 1 c milk
You know its bad when you go to pour it and its goobey gluey in texture. Ick! And the expiration date was set for mid-August. I hate when this happens.



Tossed: 1/2-3/4c salsa
As soon as I opened the jar to take a peek, the white chunk on the right was waving at me. Yikes!


Tossed:  full containers of both pico de gallo & sour cream

Honestly, I think these items were gift to us from my sister who wasn’t able to use them up before their expiry date.  Guess she was hoping we could?
BTW: note the expiry date on the sour cream! Um, thanks?

Seeing that we didn’t know about these items, it got pushed to the back of the shelf.
(aka The Place Things Go To Die. Or rot.)


Tossed: another full container of this generic jalapeno sour cream based dip

I have no idea where this container came from. It definitely wasn’t there last week when I tossed out the last spoonfuls from the other container.

So how did you fare this week? What did you end up tossing?

On Friday’s, I share what food items that I have ‘wasted’ by letting spoil during the week from forgetfulness and/or neglect. Kristen over at The Frugal Girl has inspired me to publicly post in hopes of reducing waste.