As a fan of this whole prix fixe menu festival (Summerlicious), I decided to pounce on a second opportunity to try out another restaurant while catching up with another girlfriend. 😀 We chose to have the $35 dinner at Edo. This was their Summerlicious menu. (Note: this post is a bit late as the prix fixe festival is over, sorry!)


As we were seated, we were immediately given a hot fresh towel to wipe our hands and refresh ourselves as well as a lil tiny palate cleansing ‘amuse bouche’ type dish. It consisted of pickled cucumbers, seaweed, glass noodles and a piece of fake crab and was served cold.


A second amuse bouche was offered. It was a shrimp & avocado mini hand roll rolled up in soy paper. It was the size of two bites, one of which I had already taken before remembering to take the pic! Oops!


My starter:
Duck Yuzu-Soba “Kamo Yuzu-Soba”
sliced roasted duck, “Yuzu” flavoured buckwheat noodle, cold bonito soup


My friend’s starter:
“Nihonsoazu Bejitarian”
grilled shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, baby spinach, potato, cherry tomato, olives, green bean, quail egg, topped with walnut in “Yuzu” dressing & miso mustard sauce (minus the quail egg – she wasn’t a fan of them)


Part One of my main:

“Omakase Assorted Sushi | “Sushi Moriawase”


Part one of my friend’s main:
Vegetarian Assorted Sushi | “Yasai Sushi Moriawase”


We both had the same second part for a main:
Seafood Grill | “Umi-no-Sachi Grill”
grilled jumbo shrimp, salmon, scallop, squid on green salad, shisso pesto & balsamic reduction


My friend’s dessert:
Green-Tea Tiramisu | “Matcha Tiramisu”
green tea flavoured savoiardi, mascarpone cheese


My dessert:

Black Sesame Panna Cotta | “Kurogoma Panna Cotta”
black sesame-flavoured milk pudding, Italian style


Now let me just say that ever since having discovered panna cotta a few years back, I freaking LOVE it. Growing up, we used to have black sesame pudding for dessert and I loved that too so when I read they offered this as an option for dessert, I *just* had to have it.

Oh. Em. Gee.
And yes those are flakes of gold on top!

It was to die for! I was in love and almost asked for a second. Thinking back now, it was rather late when we finished dinner….I probably could’ve had a second one. Now I’m going to kick myself for not asking LOL

I really liked the food they offered for the festival as well as their regular menu offerings. We were given the option of viewing both when we were seated though we had specifically made the reservation for Summerlicious.

The food was great! The sushi took a while to be served because it was made fresh when ordered. (Thats a bonus if you ask me. ) The timing in between each course was just right and the servers went into great detail about what you ordered as they served it.

Overall, the atmosphere was great…subtly dark with enough light to see your food and company. Noise levels were perfect. You can hear your own dinner conversation but there was enough background nose/music to not hear the table right next to you. There’s a sushi bar in which you get to sit and watch the sushi chef’s do their thing and apparently there was a wine bar as well but we didn’t take notice of it. I really would love to go back with the hubster for a date night but I’m not sure if he’d be up for traveling into the city. He’s not a fan of the average “Japanese” restaurants out there that mainly offer the favourites for an average price that seem to sacrifice the dining experience and ambiance.