With the garden starting to produce bionic zucchini’s I figured it was time to get cracking on researching recipes on how to use up the bounty.  I do know that the hubster enjoys zucchini bread/cakes/muffins as he keeps requesting that I make them.  The one’s I’ve tried are not very sweet and well we all know, zucchini doesn’t really have its own distinct taste.

Figuring that I will have multiple opportunities to continue trying different recipes, I decided to combine two that I had found and tweaked it in my own lil way.  Thus the Chocolate-Orange Zucchini Cake recipe was born 🙂


All of these lil things made for such a yummy cake!


Ready for the oven.


Removed & cooling.


Ready to serve…oh wait!


Cake looks a lot better now right? I don’t know why but the simplest lil thing adds so much flare don’t you think?  A lil powdered sugar definitely went a long way.


Can you see some of the ingredients? Chocolate chips? Walnuts?


Now tell me, which piece would you like?