*does the Snoopy happy dance* 
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I got a break from gardening today (thank you dreary & rainy day!) and a chance reason to visit the coffee supply store which I love.  We were running low on K-cups.  Luckily with the rain, everyone seemed to have avoided the store. I had the entire store to myself.  Heaven.

Immediately, I went to brew a flavour that I had never tried before and began searching for the K-cups that were on my list.  The hubster had mentioned to a co-worker that I had found this store with decent pricing thus resulting in him offering my shopping and shuttling service – haha.

Then, my eye caught a glimpse of it. Sweet. Summer. Raspberry. I nearly dropped my cup of coffee. I thought this flavour was sold out and gone forever. (I mentioned my love for this flavour here.)

Needless to say, I snatched that box off the shelf and headed to the check out with a super huge grin on my face.  The cashier returned my smile when she saw the flavour as I placed it on the counter and admitted she loved it too.  🙂


Look at the box of K-cups.
And, I get to drink all 24 cups myself.


I made a beeline for the machine as soon as I opened the front door. I just couldn’t wait.


Oh, sweet summer raspberry! 🙂

You are mine, all mine. And I love it!

Anyone else out there as obsessed with a flavour of coffee?