Its almost that time where the garden is about to overrun my life with a huge bounty. We’ve been swimming in zucchini’s for a short while now and I think the tomatoes are starting to get jealous, thus them trying get their fair share of attention.


Zucchini & summer squash along with a pumpkin & butternut squash. There’s plenty more not shown.


Mmm….shredded zucchini – imagine the baked treats to come!


Zucchini & summer squash – shredded, cubed & sliced ready to be frozen.


Look at these lil beauties!


This homemade saucy goodness brought to you by approx 4-6 large mixing bowls worth of organic, homegrown tomatoes. Mix of beefeaters, san marzano & plum tomatoes.

Homemade basil tomato sauce all ready for the freezer, to be enjoyed a cold snowy day yet to come.

Funny story, when I let dad have a taste….I warned him that it wouldn’t taste anything like his usual jar of Ragu. This was made from home grown, organic tomatoes only. No sugar, excess salt and preservatives. His comments after a few spoonfuls “Very light taste. Tastes like tomatoes.” To me, that was a compliment!