Ever since the hubster and I have been together, we’ve always talked about our love of baking with all of its up’s and down’s.  He’s baked professionally in his past whereas I’ve only dabbled in personal ventures.  All my baking has been limited to simple recipes without fancy tools and gadgets. I’ve always dreamed of having a mixer as almost every recipe out there calls for the use of one.

Over a year ago, we saw a super awesome deal on a Kitchen Aid Mixer and went to snap one up for ourselves so we could ‘bake together’.  When we went to buy it, there was a store ordering mix up and the store was offering the higher end professional series for the price of the lower model.  (Thank you Canadian Tire for screwing up!)  We got it home but have kept it in hiding because this was not a gadget we’d like dad to try to use get his hands on.  Selfish? Yes.  Smart move? Oh yes.

Something must’ve been in the air because the hubster decided to dig out the mixer and bake some homemade bread. I just about died when he said that too.


Isn’t she purdy? 🙂

Mixing the dough.

Rising loaves.

Hmm…wonder what’s in there?

The ‘before’ shot.

See the rolls? The hubster showed me how to ‘properly’ make a roll. Man does that ever take some patience elbow grease!

Brushing tops with butter to help keep it soft and enhance colour if you ask me.

All the loaves have been buttered and are now cooling.
WAIT! Whats that up in the top right hand corner of the pic?
That would be the hubster trying to sneak a roll for ‘quality assurance’ 😉

Looks super enticing no?
Even if there’s a roll clearly missing. 😉

The house smelled wonderful all night after we cleaned up from baking.  And yes, the mixer is back in its original box, in hiding from dad.

Do you have/use a mixer? Fave thing to make with it?