With summer slowly nearing its traditional end (hello, Labour Day anyone?) I find that this is the time where everything starts coming in like crazy from the garden.  I know we had jalapeno’s growing but not like this! Last year’s crop was nothing compared to this years – they’re coming outta our ears!

I’ve been looking for ways to ‘save’ them to be used in colder months and I thought about pureeing them and freezing but wasn’t too keen on that. A few other sites suggested drying them out and chopping them up as needed. That won’t work here as while trying to ‘dry them out’ they’d probably go moldy as its still pretty humid.

So, like everything else from our garden – its off to the freezer!  At least I’ll be able to use them when *I* want to and as much as I need at that time.  (vs you know, having to use up the whole thing because you’ve defrosted it all)


One night’s quick harvest.

There’s probably 12 here.


I dawned some rubber gloves and got to slicing.  I figured rounds were the quickest and easiest way to go.  I laid out the rounds on a lined cookie sheet – seeds & all – to be flash frozen before bagging.  1 hour in my deep freezer did the trick.  NOTE: be sure to have a box of baking soda in there as well as the smell will start to permeate everything in there thats already frozen.   Jalapeno smelling ice cubes anyone?

Once frozen, label & bag them.  By flash freezing, this allows you to take out as many pieces you’d like to use as needed.

For some reason, this year’s crop is super spicy. The darling hubster, lover of all things spicy thought they’d be very mild like the kind you get from the grocery store.  He took a bite of a tip and cried out from his sudden & intense endorphin rush.  So, um yeah…if he’s dying after having a taste without seeds – imagine how potent these lil puppies will be WITH them!  I plan to do this with the rest as soon as they’re ready to be picked.