FoodWasteFriday Well after last week’s doozy, I became very aware of what was in my fridge and purposely tried to NOT buy extra groceries b/c we prob wouldn’t eat them in time.  I truly am amazed at how easy and how much people truly over buy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having variety and different options weekly but sometimes I look at things and wonder ‘What was I thinking when I bought that?!’  It could’ve been an ingredient for a new recipe that I wanted to try but didn’t get to OR something ‘just because’ it was new/different and I wanted to try.

Needless to say – this week, since we’ve been eating from our well stocked freezer and fresh garden bounty, there is no waste to report! Yay!!  We had a close call with 2 avocados but I did dice them and flash freeze the cubes to be used in a shake later on down the road.

So how did you fare this week? What did you end up tossing?

On Friday’s, I share what food items that I have ‘wasted’ by letting spoil during the week from forgetfulness and/or neglect. Kristen over at The Frugal Girl has inspired me to publicly post in hopes of reducing waste.