Last week was a bit of a hairy week for our household. Always on the run, things weren’t going as planned and people being later then anticipated.  I guess the wear and tear of it was starting to show on me.  We had dinner all prepped at home ready to be eaten but instead the wonderful hubster decided to treat us to an impromptu date night.   Nothing fancy, just a meal out where we didn’t have to cook nor clean for it.   Sometimes a change in your daily routine is needed and in this case, I definitely wasn’t going to argue! 🙂

See, nothing fancy. Just  a nice tasty, juicy burger with fries and gravy.
Good old comfort food (and no, I did not eat it all!)

The portions are very generous at this restaurant therefore we never order dessert. Having said that, the waitress informed us that we were going to be getting dessert to which we cried out holding our full tummies trying to decline.  She kept insisting while trying to tempt us.

Then she said the magic words:
You’re getting dessert FREE and TO GO to enjoy later.
We were sold!

I chose some sort of a coconut cupcake.

The hubster chose some sort a tuxedo mousse cheesecake.

Not bad for an impromptu date night right?

Have you gone on any dates lately?