While out and about trying to catch up on forgotten errands…I remembered this promo going on at Tim Horton’s.  Its their annual ‘Smile Cookie’ campaign.  Remembering that the proceeds from each cookie purchased goes towards a local charity, I picked up two (one for me and one for the – and still sickly – hubster) to help  and do our part to donate.  Its a chocolate chunk cookie with icing piped on. I must’ve lucked out as I managed to get two cookies with legible ‘smiles’ and that were over piped.  Trust me…there were quite some questionable ‘smiles’ on some of the cookies available LOL

“From September 17th to 23rd, 2012, the entire proceeds from the sale of our Smile Cookies will be donated to local charities, hospitals and community programs from coast to coast.”

I will admit…it was mighty tasty with a cup of tea after dinner for dessert. I’m almost tempted to say that it was dessert without the guilt 😉

Read more information about the Smile Cookie campaign and see who the money will help  here.