We have this smaller pantry/cupboard in the kitchen that we really weren’t sure what to use it for when we moved into this house over a decade ago. Since then, its sorta become a ‘catch all’ for teas, spices and misc baking supplies ranging from small boxed/pouch mixes, frostings and tools. It just became ‘the place where things went’ to get ignored. And as usual, whenever you opened that cupboard you either had to get ready to duck out of the way or test your reflexes to catch whatever was guaranteed to fall out.

Now I’m kind of kicking myself because I did not remember to take a ‘before’ picture so you could compare. It was similar to the following pics except it was all tea, spices & baking supplies.

(Source: nphoto by BradHinton via Flickr)


Pantry clean out & organization has always been on the ‘To Do List‘ however it never took priority. Yesterday afternoon, I got tired of having things constantly falling out on top of me as soon as I opened the doors. I removed everything onto the kitchen counters and table to get a better look at it. The shelves got a good scrub and wipe down as well.

I then started tossing things that (1) were looking pretty smooshed, banged up or expired (2) things we don’t use/eat anymore (3) things that I had duplicates of – oldest went to the trash. Whatever was left was sorted into its appropriate category: tea, herbs, baking supplies then arranged on the shelves so they sat nice and flush with the shelf. No more overcrowding allowed!


VOILA! Look at how nice it looks! Everything has its own place. There’s room to actually see what we have in there as well as being to access it with ease. I did show dad who seemed to not really care but honestly, even he was glad to be able to open the cupboard without having to duck for cover. Ironic since he was rooting around the piles asking what everything was and proclaiming ‘Thats where that went!’ or ‘We still had that?!’. My 1 hour job turned into 3 with dad’s help πŸ˜‰

Want to see what’s in my cupboard?

Top shelf: a couple of keep sake items on the left, cake decorating supplies corralled into a make shift box (upcycled tissue box), muffin/cupcake liners stored together in airtight containers by size. Some liners came in hard containers so I chose to keep those and then behind those are the fancy, pretty, patterned ones in a round Ziploc container. The mini liners are in a smaller plastic container on top. On the right are misc trial size/sample packets of coffee to be used in a pinch when we run out of our regular daily use coffee.

Second shelf down: on the left, all the sauce & dip packets corralled for easy access (rotisserie chicken sauce packets, ranch dip packets, alfredo sauce packets, chili & taco seasoning packets etc), a couple boxes of instant pudding mixes, one large container of various flavoured teabags, two smaller containers of two different brands of orange pekoe tea, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda and yeast.

Third shelf down: All tea. Need I say more? Me thinks me haseth a tea problem. 😦 The tea’s that are still in the box are the type that come in a wax liner vs individually wrapped sachets. I took a Sharpie to the end to label them so whomever is looking for tea can see what it is clearly without having to pull out the box to check. Another large container of various flavoured teabags, 3 canisters of loose leaf teas, a tea caddy with more individually wrapped tea bags and lastly two more containers of teabags removed from their original packaging.

Bottom shelf: store bought zip pouches of seasonings – some don’t have containers but mostly these are the refills for the jars to the right. A small dollar store plastic food storage container houses various extracts and food colouring. Followed by a mix of herbs & seasonings as well as a couple of popcorn seasonings mixed in.

Yes, we like tea. When DH moved in, he brought his precious tea stash to be merged with ours LOL. What’s even more sad, we have more tea down by our make shift drink station in the basement and then I have another large box of boxed tea waiting to be brewed as well. *hangs head in shame* We are the tea hoarding house! Guess what I’ll be doing all fall and winter?

Have you rearranged/reorganized your pantry lately? Better yet, do you like tea? πŸ˜‰