I have found another strong love for a flavoured coffee. Timothy’s Perfectly Pumpkin. It’s right up there with Sweet Summer Raspberry, probably sitting at number two.

Every fall, everyone comes out with their version of a “pumpkin” something. It’s usually got some spice to it along with cinnamon. I usually find the spice part too overwhelming. I’m not a huge flavoured coffee person but I tried cup of this stuff last fall and before I could make my way back to buy a pound of the beans, it was gone 😦

I made a coffee store run for the hubster and his co-worker friend and well between the two of them, their order totaled seven boxes. The store’s promo is: buy 7 boxes, get the 8th free. I know, I know…who buys 8 boxes of K-Cups at once right? And we’re talking the big boxes – 24 count. I took the liberty of selecting the free box for myself once I saw the Perfectly Pumpkin on the shelf. I just couldn’t help myself.


Do you have a favorite fall flavour of coffee?