Its a blustery, nippy and rainy Monday here.  The province is waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  I know its nothing to balk at but the constant in your face news coverage is kind of upsetting. I mean, yes its nice to be warned that the hurricane is coming as well as learning how to prep for it but after a certain point, one needs to just tune it out.  I have.  After a certain point, it sounds more like fear mongering to me.  Now I’m not trying to put down the severity of any weather phenomenon but sometimes, its better to be ignorant for a few hours.  Just for peace of mind.

What have I been up to last week? Dad took me on a wild goose chase trying to find some socks and while at the store, he eyeballed this fleece lined hooded jacket.  He really wouldn’t stop staring at it, touching it etc so I told him to just try it on. Then he guffawed at the price and it was on sale.  I shared with him the price of a regular fleeced lined brand name hoody and his jaw dropped. So this version of one though not brand name and being rated to -15*C was totally worth the discounted price.    Then he started going through the rack with vigor, checking out each colour & pattern pondering whatever 81 yr old men do when looking at fleece lined hoody’s before he settled on the one he wanted to buy.  The bonus – its easily washable, no special care. Trust me, I plan on washing this thing often with the amount of splooshes this lil man experiences. 😉


Basically, this is very similar to dad’s new hoody except he chose an offwhite/beige colour.

Other then that, been watching plenty of PVR’d tv shows & movies, laying low and just relaxing. I’m trying to avoid catching a cold/flu that seems to be making its rounds over and over.  The flip flopping weather doesn’t seem to be helping either.  While hiding out at home, I was doing some tidying, purging & re-organizing when I came across this. I was gifted this candle holder a while back but never put it to use.  Its not the kind you find at Bath & BodyWorks but similar.  Better yet, it was free AND its cute, don’t you agree?

How was your week? And are you prepped for Hurricane Sandy?