Well its nearing Hallowe’en and the garden has been dug up and composted.  We did have a few warm spells throughout the month but now,  the weather is getting much cooler and rainy. Typical fall weather has finally set in.

Our last harvest included:  10  eggplants, 3 butternut squashes and plenty of tomatoes.


We also found 2 mini eggplants hiding and harvested them.


As well as 2 mini butternut squashes.


Aren’t they so cute when they’re that small?!

Alas, our 2012 gardening season has come to an end. The hubster and I seemed to have done a decent job according to our bounty that we’ve been able to enjoy throughout the summer as well as my packed freezer with processed veggies and homemade tomato sauce.  We’ve gained a lot of insight on the quality of our soil and what grows best where according to the amount of sun each garden bed received.  Now we can start planning for our 2013 garden! 🙂