While out at the grocery store, I couldn’t help notice the ready made cake displays which then set off a lil reminder bell in my head. I was in the grocery store chain that sells cakes from the same bakery that made our wedding cake.

Aren’t these lil novelty cakes cute?  Too bad I’m not a fan of icing *lol*
These would’ve totally filled that need if I was.  😉


Finally! After a few minutes of looking through all the cakes available I found what I thought was our flavour of wedding cake.  Close but no banana.  Lemon actually and very similar but not quite the same. I guess our flavour doesn’t come in cakelet form.

The reason that I was so excited about the cake: After tasting our wedding cake, I deemed it to be THE BEST lemon cake ever and that I’d buy it annually for each anniversary. Since we went on a mini weekend getaway with both my dad and sis for our one year anniversary, I was unable to buy the cake. Since then….its kind of been on the back burner as a want vs a need.

Maybe for Christmas, I’ll specifically order one to celebrate. Better late then never, right? 😉