Met up with my girlfriend for lunch back in October (sorry this post is a bit late!) and we decided to hit up Jack Astor’s since we haven’t been there truly in eons.  Apparently they’ve gone from the casual neighbourhood bar feel with the usual bar food offerings as well as a few nicer things on the menu for those seeking the refuge of a ”date night’.

Bonus points for those that remember when they had huge garbage pails full of self serve peanuts in the shell for noshing on while in the bar area.

So after scoping out the new frou-frou fancypants menu offerings – which still include their tried and true pan garlic cheese bread, wings & burgers – I decided to try out their lamb kofta’s. Yes, that’s right – I went to the “neighbourhood bar & grille” for ethnic food. Knowing this, I didn’t expect the same wonderful excellence you’d find at a local ethnic hole in the wall type restaurant but something decent & similar. That’s all one truly asks for when they make the leap to try something different right?

This is how the lamb kofta’s came plated. Looks promising right?

Now just a head’s up…I am not a lamb type gal. I know one must keep trying something they don’t like about 20-30 times to truly be able to say they don’t like something. You know what, I’ve tried it more then that amount and I don’t exactly *hate* it but its usually not an option for me.  Apparently that day, I decided to give lamb another go.

Without launching into a rant of how poorly executed this dish was, I’ll just give you the hi-lights: WAY too salty (and I LOVE salt).  When you cut into the kofta, it was glowing red – like sweet & sour sauce/red dye #5 type red. Mmm right?  And lastly, there was NO lamb taste at all and being a non lamb gal, I think I’d notice the taste stat.

The accompanying sides were delish:  salad with middle eastern type seasoning (not really a dressing),  pita’s with spicy versions of both tzatziki & hummus.  Ok the hummus was iffy as well.

This was what my girlfriend chose for lunch as well, doing the same thing I did:  throw caution to the wind and order something ‘different’. She lucked out.


Jerk pork chops w/grilled pineapple salsa with rice & beans

Overall….I knew it wouldn’t be top notch ethnic food but didn’t think it’d be THAT bad.  Will I go back? For sure but definitely not order this dish again.  The only saving grace for this lunch date, the cheddar beer soup that I ordered as a starter.  De-freaking-lish! 😉

How do you remember & find Jack Astor’s?