We’ve been back from vacation for a few days now and the hubster managed to catch the dreaded nasty traveler’s cold. I guess the climate change from hot to cold really shocked his system more then the cold to hot paired with the recirculated airplane air = finally got him.   And being married to such a wonderful man…he’s so generous in sharing his cold with me. UGH!!  The good news, my system is handling it MUCH better then his which is very unfortunate for him.

We have the usual fare going on – rest, plenty of fluids, soups, tissues and a wide variety of cold meds along with vitamins/supplements. Our living room could almost rival a pharmacy.

The day we landed it was late afternoon and pretty  much 2*C with flurries that kept coming and going with a bitterly cold wintery breeze.  At least that’s how it felt coming from a hot climate 😉   Fast forward a few days, its currently 16*C at 10.45am.

Needless to say, I know better and am sure the temp will drop by evening if not earlier in the afternoon. For now, all the window’s are wide open letting the germ filled air out. Bedsheets are being washed, garbage’s have been emptied and spritzed with Lysol as well as many other commonly touched surfaces.

Hopefully this brief ‘wind of change’ will be enough to help us kick this cold bug we have hiding out here once and for all.

Got any tried and true remedies for a cold?