FoodWasteFriday Oops late post again! Its official, I’m on ‘holiday’ timings.  Everything is as it happens it seems.

Glad to report no waste again…we purposely bought what was needed for new recipes in which I wanted to try as well as our regular grocery shop plus a bit more to help get us through the Christmas week.  Lord knows I don’t do well in crowds let alone those who are hating the fact that they need to go grocery shopping after Christmas instead of shopping the deals & bargains that belong to Boxing Day.  On top of that, we finally had our first real snow fall this week and its snowing again today.  People will be desperate out there after being cooped up.  Yikes!! No thanks.

Even with our meals out taken into consideration, we still had plenty of food leftover.  We finally polished them off last night. In fact our dinner plate looked like a leftover tasting platter *lol* A tiny portion of each: rotisserie chicken, spaghetti w/meatsauce & 1 meatball,  grilled veggies & mashed taters all served with a small bowl of homemade crockpot split pea soup. Leftover cookies for dessert. Yum!

We can now start the cycle all over again and make new meals with new leftovers.  I’ll probably have to make a run tomorrow for produce, unless I decide to get creative with our frozen garden bounty…..hmmm 😉

How’d you do?

On Friday’s, I share what food items that I have ‘wasted’ by letting spoil during the week from forgetfulness and/or neglect. Kristen over at The Frugal Girl has inspired me to publicly post in hopes of reducing waste. (Food Waste Friday is now being co-hosted every other week with Simply Being Mum – pop on over to take a peek!)