Happy Birthday To Meee!!! 
Guess what today is? 😉

The hubster and I tend not to make a big deal of birthdays unless there’s children involved. We mainly just give a lil something (if anything) and have or partake in a celebratory meal.  No big shin digs, nothing extravagant. Simpletons we are.

This year the wonderful hubster decided to send a super beautiful arrangement of long stem roses. Quite a shock as he’s not a flower giver nor am I one to request them. We both admire them but that’s about it. Like I said, quite a shock.  The florist wasn’t able to guarantee a delivery for today, even with an order placed in advance so these beautiful babies were delivered on Friday around dinnertime.


The arrangement was HUGE!
(almost as wide as my stairs)


Just gorgeous!
I love the aroma that they’re giving off – wonderful!


Also spent the day cooped up at home, hibernating from the cold snap we’re experiencing (temps of -13*C + windchill = -28*C = YIKES!) and decided to paint my nails.  I let a week pass by with nails ‘au naturel’.   Thought I’d give the whole ‘accent nail’ another try. Whatchas think about this combo?   You can read about my first attempt here.


Also being served up for dinner – chili (with an overload of veggies & beans).

I thought it was appropriate for an effin freezing day.  Don’t you?  Not sure what other surprises this day will hold but if you ask me, I’m OK with it.