Anyone else here drink ‘green smoothies’?  I’ve been hearing about them a lot recently especially since New Year’s just passed.   I was very hesitant about adding raw spinach to my fruit smoothie but from what I read online, you don’t really taste it. Key phrase ‘don’t REALLY taste it’.

What went into my Magic Bullet:

  • 1c packed spinach
  • 1/2c fresh pineapple
  • 1 med banana (not frozen but could be)
  • 1/2c mixed frozen berries
  • enough water to get a straw sippable consistency

I chose to drink this 1 hr before putting food into my body so the maximum nutrient absorbing action could take place.  Plus it was kinda nice getting to eat a two part breakfast 😉  Overall, there was no ‘feeling of betterness’ or ‘more energy’ as some have claimed but because it’s a fibre filled smoothie vs juice that could be the main reason.

And the taste factor – you get the essence of a veggie but you really don’t taste anything IF you include enough tasty fruit options.  The darling hubster was appalled at the sight of my smoothies and refuses to taste them BUT they truly are tasty.   I don’t make one every day for breakfast – something about having too much spinach and your body adjusting to it and some other negative benefit – but on the days I do, it sure is tasty and a super easy way to ensure I meet my fruit & veggie quota for the day.

Do you do the green smoothie thing? What are your fave combo’s?