I think I have gone into product overload lately. I prefer plain containers that are free of labels.  Probably its because I find the labels too distracting. I mean yes, you do need to know what you’re reaching for but as you reach for it, you read the label over and over and the companies win because each time you read their label you burn the product association into your head. No marketing genius needed to figure that out. 😉

So what I have being doing is decanting the products from their original bottles into smaller clear bottles/bottles stripped of labels.  I must admit that I do love the uniform and streamlined appearance as well as the fact that its easier to see if you’re running low on something.   Personally, I love the pump bottles (from Bath & Body Works).   I find they dispense enough product for you to use within one to two pumps which also helps you save in the long run because you’re literally not dumping product straight down the drain.

See the original packaging in the picture on the left. Yes, its pretty and functional, but mentally – I find it too loud. Looks better in the pump don’t you think?  The picture on the right are other examples of my decanting, scented body washes without the distracting labels.  (more re-used B&BW bottles)


Mouthwash decanted into a smaller bottle.

Conveniently fits easier in the medicine cabinet.

Hand soap decanted.

I also do this with other items as well that are not shown here: shampoo & conditioner, laundry detergent, dish soap and lotion.

Buying in larger containers or in bulk and decanting totally saves more in the long run as well. I often find the larger sized bottles of body wash, mouthwash and hand soap are more cost effective in terms of cost per unit vs the smaller single serve sizes especially more so when they go on sale and there’s coupons available.  How could I possibly pass up buying a larger size of something that is needed and will used when it costs significantly less then a convenient single serve size?  It also reduces waste as you are refilling the dispenser you already have and recycling one refill bottle.

So tell me, do you feel like you’re being overrun with subliminal advertising on packaging? Do you decant your products?