I bought the hubster and I some sherbert treats to try the other day. I had never seen this brand before (Gooble) and figured they’d be fun to try especially since they were on sale – 2/$3!

Interesting packaging no? Very eye catching if you ask me.


Check it out…its a scoop of pineapple sherbert, served in a hallowed out mini pineapple. It even comes with a tiny plastic spoon so it literally is an all in one packaged product.

See! How cute is that!?

I’ll admit, it was mighty tasty. Too tasty in fact – hence the empty bowl. 😉  I found the portion to be just right size as well and both the hubster and I prefered the pineapple flavour over the orange, which I had chosen for him.  Of course it came in a hallowed out orange!

Anyone else every try sherbert like this?