While I have been slowly cleaning, sorting, purging and trying to organize the office – let alone *find* my desk – I stumbled upon a project that I had planned but never had the time to execute. All the supplies were RIGHT THERE in one spot so I decided to take a break from cleaning to craft up a fun & budget friendly DIY pen holder.



I transformed an empty tea canister using some scrapbook paper. I cut it to fit and taped into place. (BTW: That flavour or Tetley is very tasty in case you were wondering 😉 )


Voila! The finished products.  Aren’t these lil holders cute?  The tea canister, I use to hold paperclips.   I have more of these canisters and I plan to cover them as well with a different sheet of scrapbook paper to house binder clips, push pins and other misc small office supply items.  And yes I will be labeling the tops so the hubster can see what’s inside without having to open each canister.  (Yes, I have OCD with the label maker)

I had another can laying around at the time of crafting (cocoa or baking powder container – I can’t remember now) so I covered it tool. I chose to use cardboard containers vs metal cans so I wouldn’t run the risk of getting cut by any sharp edges.

Though there’s only a small area on my desk that’s clear, these canisters look awesome standing there, proudly holding my pens & paperclips.  The cost of covering these two canisters cost me less then a buck!! That’s right. Less. Than. One. Dollar.  I’ve seen similar pen holders retailing for over $10!  This was totally within the budget AND I was able to recycle/upcycle.

Have you done any fun DIY/recycling crafty projects around the house lately?