Lemon juice in a bottle is one of those items that seems to be taken for granted, right? It’s a staple in our fridge and its just always there, ready to go.   Whenever we’re almost out, I pick up another so its ready and waiting.  Luckily for me, it’s always been the brand name available which comes with a flip top.   Well the luck stopped for me last week when the discount grocery store only had their generic brand available.  Sadly, it does not come with a flip top. *cue sad music here*

For some reason, I have continually have issues with opening the small traditional style lids. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to get them open without great effort. Sometimes to the point where I’d rather drive out to the nearest grocery store to buy lemons. Yikes! Seeing that this is a new bottle of lemon juice…I had to find a solution.


Then it dawned on me….see if the flip lid fits on the new bottle. DUH!! Luckily for me it did! My dad couldn’t figure out why I was squealing with glee in the kitchen LOL.  Such a small little thing made me so happy.  (The next option was to wash out the old bottle and refill it but there was no need – thank goodness!)

So there you have it…a very simple tip (pun intended) from yours truly.  Ever have your own simple yet humbling epiphany?