While hand bombing dishes, I accidentally knocked the dish soap dispenser into the sink and ended up cracking the pump off of the bottle. Sheered right off! I was very sad as I have been refilling this bottle for well over 18 months (give or take). I do love me some method dish soap (well I love ALL of their products) and if it were in the budget to buy a new bottle each time we ran out, I so would. But I can not justify paying $5/bottle of dish soap – eco friendly or not. So, I have been refilling the awesome bottle with Dawn which I manage to get for a great deal with coupons.  Shhh! Don’t tell the people at method 😉


Ain’t he a purdy bottle?
*le sigh*


You can see the piece of plastic sticking up on left side of the inner ring which holds the pump in place. What you don’t see are the pieces of the rest of that support ring which are MIA.


Channeling my inner hoarder, I remembered I had saved a few hand soap dispensers ‘just in case’.   Hey! A pump dispenser is still a pump dispenser right? (Also used in decanting. Read more about that here.)

Voila! Problem solved.
The only downfall, I’ll have to refill the smaller pump bottle more often.


The good thing about this smaller pump bottle – its the same size as the current hand soap dispenser. They’re a match made in heaven hahaha!  They actually look like they belong by the sink whereas the method bottle was much taller and dare I even say bulkier?  The bonus, these pump bottles actually dispense a decent amount of soap in one shot.

RIP Mr Super Awesome Pump Dispenser.

Note: I am not being paid by method to endorse their products but they truly do kick butt when it comes to cleaning (vs other commercial brands of cleaners). AND they’re eco to boot!