Easter has come and gone.  In my experiences, most that don’t follow the religious aspect of this holiday focus on the marketing of  cute toys and/or traditions of  super delicious treats be it baked or made out of chocolate.

This year the hubster gifted me some new nail polish!  (He’s seen the difference in my hands – as in when the nails are painted, the hand care factor goes up and the sandpaper hands tend to disappear)


From left to right:

OPI – Sprung / OPI – Miami Beet / essie – Bahama Mama / OPI – Women’s Prague-ative


I did a quick trial run to check out the new colours and of course I couldn’t decide on which colour to use first. (the colours are in reverse of the  order shown above)

So, whats your pick?

In case you’re wondering, the hubster and I spent Easter visiting friends out of town while attending their ‘Goodbye Party’ as well.  Oh and there may have been a visit to a ‘Sugar Shack’ as well. Mmm….maple syrup!