Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the victims, families, survivors and unsung heroes of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy.


To mix things up a bit, we decided to go out as a family for dinner vs cooking at home. The bonus (besides not having to cook nor clean up) is eating dishes we’d normally never make at home. =)   Not shown were bowls of steamed white rice to fill in the gaps from all these delicious dishes.


Broth made from veggies & pork bones
(good way to prime your stomach for some good eats if you ask me)


Boiled shrimp/prawns served on a bed of bean sprouts
(there was a dipping sauce but I didn’t think the shrimp needed it nor tried it)


Lamb stew: lamb, dried bean curd and Chinese mushrooms in a delicious broth topped with scallions – served on a burner!

(they gave a plate of lettuce leaves to soak in the broth as well. Yuh-UM!)


Sauteed snow pea shoots with garlic


Dessert:  hot soft tofu with a ginger simple syrup

Dontchas just love quality family time? Especially when its over a good meal? 🙂