Visiting St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market isn’t an easy feat!  Plenty to look at: produce vendors, craft vendors, baked good vendors, deli/meat/cheese vendors and it goes on and on and literally does.  If you do go – wear good supportive shoes, bring a bottle of water, a hat if its a sunny day and don’t forget to slap on the SPF.  Oh and allow yourself a minimum of 3 hours to get through it all AND grab a bite (or two or three) to eat. 😉

Speaking of which, when it came time to eat lunch, I had a hard time choosing what to eat. After scouring what they consider their international food court, all the food trucks and regular vendors, I decided on a food truck. Yes, a food truck at a farmers market.

I picked a smoked meat poutine.  Waffle (buffalo?) fries & cheese curds paired with deliciously juicy shaved smoked meat and gravy. I added the mustard 😉  It was very tasty and was only $8 with a drink.    If you plan on eating this solo, its more then enough for one person.  If you plan on sharing, its good enough for two but plan on getting a lil something something to snack on afterwards. I heard that their ‘fritters’ are to die for but never got to try them. Perhaps on the next visit.

Ever been to St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market?