My sis and I got a chance to check out a thai restaurant that we’ve passed numerous times.  We always thought it was a greasy spoon hole in the wall take out thai place but we were pleasantly surprised when we walked in.    It looked mighty spiffy like it had been on one of those restaurant make over shows.   In addition to a regular menu, they offered lunch specials which we decided to try.

Each lunch special came with the soup of the day and a spring roll in addition to your entree.

20130523-153802.jpgHot and sour soup with a spring roll

20130523-153833.jpgChicken & egg fresh rolls

20130523-153849.jpgGreen curry chicken w/steamed rice. Love the lil heart they cut out!

20130523-153914.jpgBeef pad thai

The prices were reasonable and the food was pleasantly tasty! Nothing toned down for the locals AND it didn’t taste like fast food, if that makes any sense. I’ve never been to Thailand but the food here tasted pretty authentic.  I even noticed the ‘essence of wok’ in the pad thai vs the usual ketchup one expects.  Definitely plan on going back and taking the hubster 🙂

Ever been pleasantly surprised by a restaurant which you thought would be a hole in the wall?

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