A late start for the year but I can finally say that the garden is in! Last week the wonderful hubster and I added a years worth of crushed eggshells to the garden beds to help bump up the calcium content and well, to feed it. Then we tilled and watered it immediately as well as needed for about a week. Lets just say that Mother Nature helped out a lot as it seemed to have rained for a week straight. I guess we picked a good day to til the beds!

Over the weekend, in between rain storms & oppressive humidity I grabbed dad and off we went to two nurseries to pick up seedlings. (Yes, I know I could’ve planted from seeds and made my own seedlings but I’m not quite ready for that step yet)  When we got home, my only intention was to place them out back and give them a bit of water but something took over and I just started planting them straight into the beds. Three hours later, I was done! I was drenched in sweat because its was hot out but also drenched in boob sweat because of he oppressive humidity. (Yes, I just admitted to having boob sweat. It was epic.)

Vegetables planted:

* cucumbers

* beefeater & roma tomatoes

* butternut & kabocha (Japanese/Acorn) squash

* Chinese & Italian eggplant

* bittermelon/bitter gourd

* small pumpkins

* green zucchini/summer squash

* Thai Dragon peppers (hot)

* yellow banana peppers

Herbs planted:

* sweet leaf & purple basil

* dill

* oregano

* regular & garlic chives

* cilantro

* mint

* Italian parsley

Hopefully this year’s crop will be plentiful and give a large yield.

Have you put your garden in and what have you planted?