Ever get to the point where you can no longer squeeze lotion from a tube container so you consider it fit to be tossed into the garbage?   And I truly do mean squeeze and twist and push and try to force it out. Every. Single. Bit. Out.  Well, have I got a tip for you.

20130523-153351.jpgEmpty tubes. Or are they?

20130523-153412.jpgI took a pair of scissors to the tubes about 1/3 up from the bottom.

Look how much was left!!  In case you can’t really see, there’s about 1/4c left.


To make a ‘lid’ for the tubes, trim down any excess tubage (yes, I just made that word up now) and proceed to slide the remainder of the tube over top of the base.  Voila!  All you have to do is lift the ‘lid’ dip your finger in and remove as much as desired then re-cap.  Talk about getting your money’s worth.

This tip also works for anything in a tube from hair treatments & conditioners as well as toothpaste though I recommend you dip your toothbrush into the base 😉