We just went through a crazy hot and humid spell – IN SPRING I might add and since, I seem to have become very addicted to Perrier.   I have no clue where sudden new love came from but it started to get so out of hand that I actually contemplated buying in bulk from Costco! Whoa, right?   So not good for the grocery budget. Especially something that’s gone once you’re done drinking it.  There’s no justification for purchasing it either.

Out of necessity, I had to figure out a way to duplicate this tasty drink without breaking the bank.  I put on my creative thinking cap and pondered.

What is Perrier? Carbonated water. Soda water. Club Soda.  Woot. Got a few cans in the pantry.  (Yes, I’m one of the few oddballs that enjoys drinking plain club soda)

What flavour of Perrier do I enjoy? Lemon.  Hey…I have True Lemon in the pantry too!

A can of generic Club Soda + 1 packet of True Lemon = instant homemade Perrier! Now I know there are some purists out there that would like to disagree but for myself and I’m sure other frugliates out there, this will be a welcomed substitute.

Can you imagine my shock as I had that epiphany? Here I was paying the high price for Perrier when I had all the makings for it at home, right under my nose!  There’s something about the True Lemon that a wedge (or two or three) just can’t duplicate.  And the other flavours of True Citrus (orange, lime) are just as tasty.


I think I have found my new summer drink. 😉