A while back, a girlfriend and I snuck off to have lunch together and decided to try this place. She managed to find a deal voucher for it so it was an even more attractive lunch option. From the moment we walked in, it looked like a tiny lil hole in the wall however I learned that this restaurant is a actually a chain with a second location in the city. In my experience, those lil tiny holes in the wall usually offer super duper fantastic food 😉  I believe we chose this place because it was touted as authentic Mexican food vs the North Americanized fast food options out there.

20130812-181134.jpgWe shared an appetizer called Choriqueso which was Mexican ground sausage

with melted mozzarella cheese on top. Served with tortilla’s.

20130812-181156.jpgI had something called “Huarache” which was a toasted oval corn tortilla served

with refried beans, beef (other options were pork or chicken), topped with diced

onions, cilantro and mozzarella cheese.

20130812-181238.jpgTwo choices of hot sauce! Red was the hotter option and as much as I loved it,

I think I preferred the more mellow but really rounded flavourful green hot sauce.

My Huarache left a lot to be desired. I wonder if it had been made fresh with freshly diced and cooked ingredients it wouldn’t have been so sad?  The beef was shredded style but dry, possibly leftover from another day?  I did have to ask for more cilantro and onions as there wasn’t much on top and since i was already asking for modifications, I asked for a lot of lime wedges which were also dry but that did the trick to moisten everything up and bump up the flavour to where it should have been.

The Choriqueso sounded like it was going to be amazing, I mean c’mon – how can you screw up flavourful Mexican ground sausage with cheese? Same problem,  it was very dry and I suspect the meat was cooked the day before as well.    The hot sauces did seal the deal for me as it helped to save both menu items that I ordered.  For the love of me, I can not remember what my girlfriend had – some sort of taco trio, possibly the soft taco’s?  I do recall she had felt the same and thought things were ‘dry’.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this restaurant partly due to the fact that the menu was rather limited. As in you can only have 4 things from the menu because there wasn’t enough turn over at this location to warrant making a certain menu item however no notice was posted. Each time we tried to order something, we were politely told ‘No, we don’t have that available today.’ Kind of off putting to a foodie don’t you think?!  Even Diet Coke or Sprite wasn’t available despite the signage posted all around.  They only had Coca-Cola available but she never mentioned that. I did ask for bottled Nestle water and was given a glass of tap water.

So, would I go back and give this place another try, sadly no. I’d rather go to Taco Bell.  I do give it props for having simplistic cute authentic decor using real Mexican art/craft items vs kitchy stuff found at Party City.   The restaurant was visibly clean though small and the person running the location we visited was very polite despite having to run the entire place on her own: take out side, dining room and the kitchen.  Sorry Rebozos, not impressed.

If you’d like to check out Rebozos for yourself, please visit their website here.