Canada Day weekend is usually when the city holds its annual Ribfest.  The hubster and I decided we’d go this year but during the afternoon hours while the vast majority of the people would be at work still or tending to family duties etc first.  We were aiming for that little window between post lunch and pre-dinner.  We’re both not a fan of crowds.  Luckily for us, there was a huge summer storm/mega downpour while the hubster was at work and ended around the time I went to pick him up and head out to the Ribfest.  As a result, we had the entire place to ourselves.  Could we possibly have been more giddy with glee? 🙂

See. I kid you not. Empty fields.

The promotional staff that were giving away freebies were giving us more then our ‘one sample per customer’ as they needed to meet their quota.  Must’ve been a really high quota set for the day and I sure as heck wasn’t going to complain! Especially since they were giving away full sized rolls of Bounty paper towels 😉


No line up’s. No need to fend off/deal with other ravenous rib fiends.


Some of the vendors were so bored, they were singing along and dancing to the radio’s they had going behind their counter.


After the hubster and I gathered some ribs from EVERY vendor (yes, I said EVERY vendor – I believe there were 16 competing?) was when people started appearing figuring the rain was finally done.


Some of the ribs are shown here.  (Don’t mind dad photo bombing the rib pic with his boiled eggs 😉 )

Along with the gluttony of ribs, I had prepared both coleslaw and potato salad to keep up with the theme.  The plethora of ribs did feed everyone here at the house (all 3 of us) but then we had friends and other family join in as well. It was fun to host our own ribfest at home but by no means were we able to try all the ribs in one sitting/night.  We had ribs almost every night for the week!   We have our favourites noted on paper so next year we can all just head to our favourite vendors and be done with it LOL No more over indulging!

Anyone else like ribs?