FoodWasteFriday Wah-wah-waaaaah.  Guess what guys – after doing so well, it came to a screeching halt as I noticed there was a ‘funk’ coming from the fridge. I’ve noticed my sniffer has become extra sensitive lately and something wasn’t ‘right’ in my fridge so off to investigate I went.  The culprit, the fruit drawer. When I looked into it through the glass shelf above, it looked alright. Bagged oranges that looked perfectly fine. Upon further inspection, I nearly woofed my cookies.

Found beneath the bag of oranges: bag of avocadoes (Hello, when did we buy these?!), lemons, limes, a peach, 3 apples and a pear – all beyond their prime. Juices and all.  Let’s just say that the fruit drawer got dumped into the compost and as well as good scrub before going back into the fridge. I also took the opportunity to change the baking soda.

We’ve refilled that drawer since but it has become a daily duty to examine what’s in there to ensure things don’t get shoved down and buried under new purchases…ahem DAD.   Such is life right?

How’d you do?

On Friday’s, I share what food items that I have ‘wasted’ by letting spoil during the week from forgetfulness and/or neglect. Kristen over at The Frugal Girl has inspired me to publicly post in hopes of reducing waste. (Food Waste Friday is now being co-hosted every other week with Simply Being Mum – pop on over to take a peek!)