The hubster and I aren’t the type that believe in Hallmark holidays (well, putting money into someone else’s pockets for no good reason). Don’t get us wrong but why would we choose to celebrate our love for one another on one specific day, as dictated by someone else?  What about the other 364 days of the year? Since we aren’t celebrating on those days, does that mean we don’t love one another?  Its a bizarre concept to me. Maybe I am (we are) the only odd ball(s) that thinks that way. But at least we’re on the same page about it 🙂  Not trying to belittle this holiday either as it may move mountains for some while others want to bury their heads in the sand or jump off a bridge – its all about marketing IMO.

So to observe this holiday (rather then celebrate) – we do it in our own lil way. (I guess we do that with all the holidays)
I decided to make a nice dinner for us to enjoy. (dad too!)   It’s something I don’t make often so it truly is a treat for us.

Pulled pork. 🙂

Served up traditional style – on buns (hubby’s fave way to eat it)

Served on a bed of rice (dad’s fave way to eat this) with garden salad

Dessert: cake mix cookie bars – HOLY. YUMMERS!
(this was like crack to the hubster and I, we couldn’t stop after eating just one.)

Le moo.

Suffice to say, I showed love to everyone’s stomach this year. Mission accomplished!

How did you celebrate/observe Valentine’s Day?