The hubster and I decided to take my dad out to celebrate his 83rd birthday last Sunday. I mean, c’mon now – 83 years is totally worth celebrating right? We invited my sister and brother in law to join us (which he declined) for a dinner down at Fallsview Casino Resort this way dad could get his ‘slot machines on’ and then enjoy a decadent dinner that neither of us had to prep, cook nor clean after.  The best part, it had everything that all of us would want to eat that wasn’t necessarily the same meal. None of this ‘This is it, take it or leave it’ type meals that one would normally get when cooking at home family style.

It was a beautiful sunny day, warm temps (hovering around the freezing mark) vs our usual arctic deep freeze and scary windchills we’d been having.  Kinda of like a spring thaw. Our drive down to Niagara Falls was plenty eventful – all four of us were nestled cozily in the car driving in the carpool lane when a Niagara Air Bus shuttle bus was chasing us down (damn right I’m calling them out for this episode), trying to signal us to move over so he could pass. Um…last time I checked, the speed limit was 100km/h. Unless they were going to pay for our insurance increases and fines for illegally exiting the carpool lane and then some, nope. Not moving. Sorry about your luck dude. Its called a ‘carpool’ lane or ‘high occupancy vehicle’ lane not ‘autobahn’ lane. So we kept plodding along at the posted speed limit. Then came a few rounds of rapid honking, headlights flashing, severe bumper riding and vicious  swerving by the bus behind us trying to get out attention. Can you imagine being on that bus?! I wonder how loud the driver was shouting?  I’d be fearing for my life. Us knowing we were not doing anything wrong, kept on driving on.  Eventually the bus driver got so fed up, he swerved into the right hand lane – illegally I might add – and then gunned it passed us to cut us off to get back in front of us in the lane, pausing long enough beside us to give us royal hand gestures and flipping us the bird. The look of the passengers faces were of fear. 😦  Once that lil episode finished and the actual carpool lane ended, we were still en route only to have a semi tractor-trailer ride our bumper again honking.  We were wondering what on earth was going on today.  He had pulled out from the right hand lane behind us into the centre lane. He could’ve passed us in the left hand passing lane but chose to ride our bumping honking his big truck horn. Oooh. Big man, hiding behind his 18 wheeler.  Again – we keep puttering along at the posted speed limit.   I’m wondering if it was a case of everyone having suffered through enough ‘winter’ for this season that were glad to be out in the sunshine trying to rid themselves of cabin fever?

Needless to say, when we finally arrived at Fallsview Casino, we parted ways. The hubster and I wanted to walk the mall area to see the changes. Apparently there were new stores added while some removed. My sister was kind enough to escort dad into the casino immediately so he could get his gaming on. Hubster and I eventually made our way into the casino area and started playing a few interesting looking machines but overall, we weren’t feeling it.  It was close to dinner so we began the search for my dad and sister.  Upon meeting up both my sister and the hubster revealed the same scenario’s though they experienced them separately.

Turns out that my brother and sister in law were at the casino as well. We’d normally have invited them to join us but they’re always *busy* when asked to join in on family events. The last time we did see them was for Chinese New Year’s Feast in which they sat huddled apart from the rest of us at the table only whispering to one another and rarely interacting with the rest of us. Before that, there was no phone calls to wish us a Merry Christmas nor Happy New Years etc. with their last visit with dad being sometime in early November 2013. Not even a phone call on the Friday prior to this day wishing dad a Happy Birthday.

What had happened: the Hubster and my sister had ‘ran into’ my sister in law at different area’s of the casino.  Both of them were barely acknowledged with an insincere “Oh, hi”  and then blown off as my sister in law ran away in the opposite direction from them. Um. WTF?  We didn’t look for my brother though we knew where to find him. We just continued along our merry way to get our grub on but seriously, HOW RUDE WAS THAT?! This coming from the first person to marry into our family and has been a part of our family for more then 20+ yrs now and THIS is how she treats us?  Knowing we were there with dad (the only time we usually go to the casino) she could’ve at least stopped to ask where he was and wish him a Happy Birthday and then taken off but instead, she flew the coop.  I guess two run in’s within minutes of each other put too much heat on her?

Regardless of the day’s bizarre events, we all ended up having a great time getting our ‘slots on’ and dining out. (Hubster and I did manage to sneak some shopping in as  well at the Pepper Palace and Swiss Fudge)  We chose to eat at The Golden Lotus – their Chinese style resort restaurant (located in the mall area).  My brother had taken my dad there previously and he had told us the food was tasty.  Normally we’d have dined at the Grand Buffet *inside* the casino but the lines were beyond ridiculous. Even if we had gotten a table, we’d have had to fight everyone in the buffet lines for food.  All of us found the dinner to be ‘alright’ with my sister, hubster and myself agreeing that the food was lacking in flavour. I mean, how does one screw up fried rice??

Here’s a few pics of our view that were very enjoyable as we dined.

20140224-104508.jpg 20140224-104518.jpg

BTW: In case you were wondering, the drive home was uneventful and peaceful. Just the way we like it 😉