Our 17 year old gas stove finally let us know that it was ready to move on to greener pastures via having two of the four burners not ignite anymore. At first the hubster & I suggested to dad that we shop around for parts to repair it but he refused and mumbled something about growing up in China and having to manually light the stove each time he wanted to use it. Then he told us he’d make due. So for about a month or so, we’d catch a whiff of natural gas each time he used the stove because he seemed to wait too long before lighting the burner.

Finally he asked me about looking up the repair parts & a serviceman. We looked into it ourselves figuring the hubster could fix it himself but what we learned, the parts are no longer available but if they were they’d cost about the same as a new stove.

Wanting to be practical & frugal, I started comparing different models, features and prices online for a new stove. DEFINITELY worth it to buy a new stove. The big bonus: The Home Depot was having a “no tax” sale on all major appliances ending that day. We hurried our butts down there to confirm our decision before purchasing.

Wanna see what we got? 🙂

There’s a third rack that pulls out but not just once but TWICE so you don’t have to lean into the oven over the door.

Look at that – FIVE burners! I love how the middle burner is for a cast iron skillet grille plate. Makes my heart skip a beat.

There she is, all shiny, purdy and new!

Is it so wrong that I got super excited about a new stove? I can’t wait to use it!