Another year has past, making this the official 2nd full year I have been blogging!  I’m rather impressed with myself as my life seems to take on many uncharted twists and turns.  True to form, I find posts regarding food to be the most popular lol. I won’t argue that as I am guilty of surfing the web for food porn myself. 😉 Even if I don’t plan on making whatever I am ogling at the moment, its just plain fun to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over it.  (You can read about my first year blogiversary here)

The most memorable event from the past year would be getting pregnant, enjoying pregnancy as much as I could given my situation and giving birth to my beautifully sweet son. Yes, I’m fully aware that he’s not ‘food’ nor anything close to ‘food porn’ but he’s so cute that I can’t help but want to gobble him up! 😀 That phrase “Mothers that want to eat their young” or something along that line – I have been told by other fellow mothers that I may soon fully understand that phrase  – YIKES!

I’d like to say a big  ‘Thank You’ to those that have read, followed, shared and commented on my blog as well as the continued support. (BTW: To all the new followers – don’t think I don’t see you there *waves* Thank You to y’all as well!)  Here’s to year ahead – can’t wait to see what myliladventures will bring.