There’s something about summer that I associate with reading.  I grew up reading non stop all summer long as the library was just around the corner, had activities and programs as well as air conditioning. Yes, I admit it – I spent summers in the library reading and enjoying their air conditioning. Somewhere, somehow I seem to have strayed from reading.  The mandatory reading curriculum in schools was a huge part of it.  Then in university, it was the same thing but amplified. I think that’s when I lost my desire to read.

It’s been quite a few years and I still long to read but just haven’t been able to hunker down and get back into it. I mean, of course I read on a daily basis: signs, magazines, packaging, internet etc. Everything under the sun except a book for pleasure.

My goal for the summer –  try to get myself back into reading  for pleasure vs reading out of necessity.    Like everyone else, I have plenty of things to check off on my ‘to do’ list but yet they seem to have time to read. And for pleasure. Surely there’s a way I can get back into it?

If you’re like me, how did you get back into pleasure reading?  Where do you like to do your reading? Do you have a particular set up you find comforting? And lastly, any book suggestions?